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Virgil Hawkins and LXDXP return with new single 'LXDBD Freestyle'

237mob members Virgil Hawkins and LXDXP have recently linked up with producer HNRO to release their new single 'LXDBD Freestyle'. Having already made name's for themselves in the scene following their album releases, Virgil and LXDXP have recently worked with each other on LXDXP's album 'Parcel 2'; on the track 'Slaggish'. I was personally excited for the release of this single.

Speaking to UK Underground Rap about how the song came about, Virgil says;

"It was made at the end of quite a big session at HNRO's house. A product of me and LXDXP just having fun but for my lyrics I was addressing certain things that i'd been feeling at the time, we added a catchy hook and we had a hit."

The track is a satisfying blend of dark trap and upbeat melodies, Virgil opens the song with a swift flow which introduces LXD into the track perfectly. LXD brings a vibe and flow that we haven't really heard yet which amplifies the track to a whole new level, these two have unbeatable chemistry when they link up and we hope the pair have more to offer in the future.


Be sure to follow Virgil Hawkins, LXDXP and HNRO on Instagram too.


Words by: Sam Pyke

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