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UK Underground Rap is an organic music platform for artists all across the country to reach the core fans of this scene. We strive to be the go-to discovery channel for the new wave of Rap music coming out of the UK's streets. 

We began the brand as a playlist on Spotify that has now gained a loyal following of interactive listeners. We are actively and openly working with underground artists all over the UK to help promote and support them however we can, whether that be with articles, photos, reviews, videography or a simple story share on Instagram.

We promote and empower artists free of charge and aspire to bring our followers the very best unheard music, hours upon hours are spent scouring for the latest exciting talents emerging across the UK underground. 

Follow the links below to hear more, and stay up to date with all the latest music.






For playlist submissions and enquiries please contact the team on:

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Pyke and Slade.

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