The Posted WRAP UP - (May/June 2022)

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With May and June all done and dusted, it’s truly been one for the books as we head into July. With festival season well underway and live shows galore, it's playing out to be a great summer for the UK music scene.

We’ve not even touched on some of the incredible releases we’ve been blessed of recent; Kendrick and Drake have arguably stolen the show the past couple of months thanks to the releases of their latest projects along with a very memorable Glastonbury set from Kendrick.

However, more locally someone who’s been due their flowers for quite a while seems to have begin to get the recognition he deserves as Knucks dropped “Alpha House”, to a great deal of critical acclaim. But aside from all this, we’ve seen great releases from some artists that are truly pushing the culture forward right now, so give throw it a read and a listen now you’ve got the time, we don’t think you’ll regret it!



Ceeow + The Greenskeepers - Sip From A Rose

BXKS - Collateral Damage

Ego Ella May - The Morning Side of Love


KiLLOWEM - Bar Fights & Poetry

Ashbeck + Rushy - Rain

Sneakysantino - Dice

YT + Namani - Rent Free

Yanti - Jump Back


A double single from A2, has stolen the show the past couple of months for us. The Londoner has long been thought of as one of the most talented and exciting artists we’ve seen emerge from the UK in recent years. This is not the first we’ve heard from A2 this year, as right out the gates in January he gifted us with “Cloud Vault, Pt.2” the sequel to his December project “Cloud Vault, Pt.1”.

Kicking off with the first of these two singles, let's talk about “UPSTAIRS”, the track is made up of this hazy melody, filled with crunchy drums and eerie keys. As A2, delivers punchy and to-the-point lines, his lyricism steals the show. On “DOWNSTAIRS” however, the script is flipped.

A2 brings forward this light and easy piano melody, it feels as if these two singles are almost two sides of the same coin. A2 creates a perfect balance with this double single, as “UPSTAIRS//DOWNSTAIRS” proves why A2 is one of the most dynamic UK artists out right now!


Capital J, Jesse Ayo & Cap1talA - Your Sons Are Brighter

Morgan Munroe - Elvira

Joe James - CRAWL

BlazeYL - YL or Baz

Phil - Black Dog

Joe James - CRAWL

What can be said about Joe James that hasn’t already? Back in our January//February wrap-up, you’ll find us singing his praises at the release of three projects in the first two months of the year, and honestly, I thought that was that from the east Londoner.

I mean 3 projects would be impressive over the course of a year but clearly, Joe James feels differently as he’s dropped his 4th project of the year with “Crawl”. And at the time of writing this, he’s now also released his 5th project “Skullduggery”, but you’ll have to wait until next month to hear about that one.

But focusing on the project itself (and not just Joe James’ incredible work rate) “CRAWL” could honestly lay claim as the most impressive of all projects we’ve heard from him yet. Smooth delivery, thought-capturing lyricism, and unpredictable flows can be found in bulk on “CRAWL”. We’ve come to expect that from Joe James at this point, and he never lets us down.

The highlight without a doubt for me comes in the form of the track “All Over Mate”, quintessentially R&Joe featuring some incredible production from Yancy and a mesmerising verse contribution from BXKS. If you take this one in, I can guarantee you won’t regret it!

More on Joe James soon to come...


Jeshi - Universal Credit

Kadeem Tyrell - As Time Goes By

Kish! - I Feel Fantastic

Jeshi - Universal Credit

Towards the end of May, came the highly anticipated debut studio album from East London artist Jeshi as he dropped “Universal Credit”.

We first got a taste of what was to come with this project way back in August 2021, when Jeshi released the track “Sick”. Following this up with, “Hit By a Train”, “Generation”, “Another Cigarette (Ft. Fredwave)”, “3210” and finally “Protein (Ft. Obongjayar)”, it was clear something special was incoming and we certainly weren’t to be let down. With all of these finding their place on the album, as well as an additional 7 tracks, the time Jeshi has taken to curate “Universal Credit” has been well worth the wait.

Jeshi’s artistry and versatility are among his greatest strengths musically speaking, and the album goes to display this perfectly. Going from tracks like “Another Cigarette” with a drum-heavy, screwface inducing and murky energy, immediately to “Coffee” a gentle and light track carried by this soft guitar melody, any other artist would find difficulty fitting these two together. But with Jeshi’s unique presence and delivery on both these tracks, he is able to make it work together seamlessly.

A personal highlight comes in the form of “Killing Me Slowly”, the piano-led instrumental hooks me in and Jeshi’s thought-provoking and impressive lyrics keeps me there. It feels as though when you’re listening, not a single thing is out of place and you can tell just how much work has gone into this album that has launched him so far forward into the music conversation.





Words by: Jack Gibbs

Edited by: Jack Slade / @jsld_____


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