The Posted WRAP UP - (July/Aug 2022)

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With summer all but come to an end, what better time to look back on what’s been a great couple of months for music in the UK. While a lot of people’s attention may have been focused on the likes of Brent Faiyaz, Beyonce and Steve Lacy dropping their own projects, we had plenty of homegrown talent release some truly incredible music. On a personal note, highly anticipated releases from Loyle Carner, FLO and Calvin Harris have taken over my Spotify since the end of June. However, I’m sure you already know quite a bit about them so let’s shine a light on a few artists that are well overdue some attention for their amazing work.


Tylo Yuun - Nowhere

Kadiata & Shamiya Battle - Just Because

Louis Culture, YAMA//SOTO & Bawo - 7AM

Dexter - Something Real

AE - Tell Me

Len - Solace

Nikhil Beats & Meron T - Face Your Demons

CMillano , MaZz & Xeroplans - In N Out

Jim Legaxcy - candy reign (!)

Nat Oaks - London Town


When you put production in the hands of Nikhil Beats, and pair it with Meron T’s spell-binding vocals, you just know that something special will come from it. And it has!

“Face Your Demons” marks the first ever collaboration from Nikhil Beats and Meron T that we’ve heard, and their radiating chemistry creates a very enjoyable listen to say the least. “Face Your Demons” begins with a dulcet and light guitar melody that slowly picks up more and more, by the time we’re introduced to the drums and the cadence of Meron T’s vocals, it’s an entirely different track with an infectious energy to it. It’s impossible to listen to this song and not have a good time.

“Face Your Demons” is everything you would want it to be! A grand display of what these two do best, and a collaboration that’ll leave you wanting more.


joe James - Skullduggery

Lava La Rue - Hi-Fidelity


Ashbeck - BEEZY

Wax - Hunger Or Greed

Akemi Fox - You’re My Favourite Day

Chrissi - Lipo



Having first come across Akemi Fox around two years ago with her single “Lemon Tea”, it’s truly uplifting to see an artist elevating their sound to such a great degree while also staying so true to the sound that makes them who they are. I can still remember first coming across the music video and being blown away.

Shot entirely on facetime in the midst of lockdown, Fox and long time collaborator Teo (@teomadeit) had this amazing ability to bring out the feeling of summer in their music, especially in a time where everything was not exactly great. And with “You’re My Favourite Day”, the duo (alongside additional production help from Mattu (@prodbymattu) ) have built from the base they set up with the 2020 EP “Colour You In” superbly and has put together a collection of tracks that perfectly capture an indescribable summery feeling.

We’re eased into the album with “So Fine”, with these delicate keys, that match Fox’s vocals perfectly contrasted with these rapidly fired out drums and guitar melody that kick in at the chorus that gives you a snippet of what’s to come. A personal favourite of mine from this project, has got to be “Sun”.

As a stripped back guitar melody carries you throughout the track, I feel vocally Akemi Fox truly shines on this one. “You’re My Favourite Day”, is summer in an EP, and a brilliant showcase of one of the UK’s most exciting acts.


Feux - Opal Blues


What else could it have been? Feux has created a whole new experience with “Opal Blues” and brought us a phenomenal album. Putting aside an exceptionally creative and unique roll out campaign to introduce “Opal Blues” to the world, the music very much speaks for itself.

For those of you who might not be familiar with Feux’s work, “Opal Blues” marks the Londoner’s first project since he released his EP “Dubious” in May last year. In the time since then, we’ve seen a string of amazing singles released with “Nights” and “Topaz” coming to us during the lead up to “Opal Blues”.

Feux has taken his sound to a different world with this latest project. The album begins with “The We, The Self & The Love”, a 30 second interlude preparing you as you head into the title track. As the two blend together, making a perfect introduction to the “Opal Blues” sounds.

Throughout the album, Feux is at his strongest in terms of lyricism, delivery and all round vocal ability, as he displays himself as a truly dynamic and multi-faceted artist. My personal favourite off the album, (at the moment) has got to be “Devil Be Gone”. Crisp production (with thanks to Marow (@marowx_) ), this ethereal guitar riff rings out to start the track that’ll take you to another world, and Feux’s delivery and lyricism are frankly remarkable.

Feux has created a collection of tracks meticulosuly put together, that will stand the test of time and be appreciated for years to come. With every listen, you’ll discover something new.





Words by: Jack Gibbs

Edited by: Jack Slade / @jsld_____


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