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The Posted WRAP UP - (Jan/Feb 2022)

Updated: May 11, 2022

Here at UK Underground Rap, we're committed to connecting the scene in any way we can. That's why we've linked up with Posted UK to bring you a monthly round-up of underground music!


First 2 months of the year, all done and dusted. And music-wise it’s been a bit very good, to say the least. New projects from The Weeknd, Earl Sweatshirt, Gunna + FKA Twigs, have captured ears all over.

A lack of a new J Hus project captured and broke my heart, but still we saw the 2nd anniversary of “Big Conspiracy” in January, so any excuse to play that classic again is always welcome. February proved to be memorable too, with new releases from the likes of Central Cee and Bakar, but enough about all these lot, you already know all there is to know!

With the twitter feed disputing the quality of the current UK music scene, the underground stays overlooked, let’s focus on a few of our favourites, some of the artists who are kicking off the new year right!


Bea Anderson - Mirror Mirror

AntsLive - Tweakin

Emzo - Freeze

Dexter - Different

Shae Universe + XVR BLCK - Pushin’

VX Duse + Danny Sanchez - SIA

David GotSound + Kish! - No Handouts

TA - Ethical Business

Namani, Bxks + MaZz - B Town Baby

Bawo - Mazzalean

Ego Ella May - Introvert Hotline

Yiiga - Edge

Namani, Bxks + MaZz - B Town Baby

Since the start of the year, there’s been one track that’s taken over all my playlists unlike any other. I’m of course talking about the one and only “B Town Baby”, which gladly brought together an unlikely trio of Namani, Bxks and MaZz, and they delivered! These 3 as individuals have been on top form lately, Namani with his recent project with El Londo “Text Language”, we saw BXKS release 2 stellar projects last year and to top it all off, MaZz has had an amazing start to the year with the release of her own project “dreaming most of the time…”.

The overall energy of this track is infectious, one listen and you’ll be hooked! We’d love to see more of these 3 working together in the future, it’s not just the energy of the track that’s impressive. Their chemistry is something to behold, there’s not a single part of this track that’s out of place.


Gbnga - In My Head

Scuti - Intoxication EP

MaZz - dreaming most of the time…

Jonze Boyz - JONZEBOYZ

Joe James - Bruce + Pure Connery (Get Money, go missing came out Feb 1st :/ )

Ninioh - Kyuu (9) lives

Joe James - Bruce + Pure Connery (Get Money, go missing came out Feb 1st :/ )

With a second to none work rate, Joe James has started the year off emphatically with the release of (now) 3 projects. “Bruce”, “Pure Connery'' and “Get money, go missing”, each project proves that Joe James is well able to match his quantity with quality.

Starting off with his first project of the year “Bruce” where Joe offers up that grade A Joe James brand of nostalgia that transcends age, experience and everything in between. Taking the track “winter wonderland” for example, whether you were “copying maths work in 09” or collecting match attax (the only thing I was concerned about in 09), Joe James w0ill have you bopping your head along as if you were there with him.

The track just gives you that indescribable feeling of way back when. On “Pure Connery '', I feel as if you should judge the book by its cover. Looking at the cover art perfectly captures the energy of the classic and smooth instrumentals to this project. A highlight for me is the track “London Tipton”, Joe James rides the beat with ease, delivering top tier lyricism and unforgettable wordplay throughout. Speaking from personal experience with this track, the line “I love money, like middle-aged woman love Debenhams” is one that’s very difficult to get out of your head. Joe James has been on something else this month, and it looks as though he’s not slowing down.


A2 - Cloud Vault, Pt. 2

House of EL - Book of EL

kwes e - vowels: excerpt three

kwes e - vowels: excerpt three

Last but definitely not least, February brought us the third installment in kwes e’s “vowels: excerpt” series of projects and 2 years on from “vowels: excerpt two”, his latest offering was certainly worth the wait. It’s been a brilliant start to the year for kwes e, with not only the release “vowels: excerpt three” but in late January we also saw him make a memorable appearance on the track “rain” off of MaZz’s latest EP “dreaming most of the time…”.

On “vowels: excerpt three” we see kwes e team up with a number of longtime collaborators with xero, MaZz, phil, CMillano, Len all making appearances, as well as additional help from the likes of Ru and mulade. “Vowels: excerpt three” kicks off emphatically with the opening track “canopies” as kwes e begins the track with a relatively laid back delivery on top of this dreamy trumpet heavy instrumental, but at around the 1:30 mark the drums come in and wow.

It’s this electrifying change in pace, that just goes to show off kwes e’s range as an artist. With “vowels: excerpt three” kwes e has solidified himself as one of the most exciting and dynamic artists coming out of the UK at the moment.


The Underground Project Volume 3 (Article on the way)

Sainte - Bristol

In Good Time Pop Up and Show - Bristol

Cozy Zine Launch - Saïna, Big Buddies, Bawo - The Social

Last month, we had the pleasure of going into Central to catch an unreal lineup of acts doing their thing with Saïna, Big Buddies and Bawo all showing out. First up with North West London artist Saïna, who perfectly set up the vibe for the evening, getting the audience moving. Her most recent release “Alive” is one we’d highly recommend checking out.

Followed up by a debut performance from the enigmatic London group Big Buddies (minus 1 member; Jet) , providing a memorable performance giving us a glimpse of what we can expect from their highly anticipated tape yet to come out.

The stage presence, chemistry and energy brought by the Big Buddies shined through, which is even more impressive considering it was their first show together as a group. And finally, Bawo brought the house down with his electric performance, which included him enlisting the help of none other than Danny Sanchez himself to perform their classic track

“Brasileiro” together.




Words by: Jack Gibbs

Edited by: Jack Slade / @jsld_____

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