The Posted WRAP UP (October 2021)

Here at UK Underground Rap, we're committed to connecting the scene in any way we can. That's why we've linked up with Posted UK to bring you a monthly round-up of underground music!


What a month it’s been! With October capping off and winter slowly but surely kicking in, the guys at UK Underground Rap have once again given us the chance to highlight a few of our favourite singles, EPs, albums that we’ve been bumping over the course of the past month.

For everyone in the scene right now things are super exciting. One of the most talked about artists of the year, PinkPantheress came out with her highly anticipated debut project ”to hell with it”, really pushing any of her doubters into the shadows. A month full of live music and gigs has kept us on our toes and we want to take a second to look back at some of the more underground music that's been released recently. After all they don’t call it UK Underground Rap for nothing!


Rasharn Powell + Spoort - Never Call Home

Ruby Francis - Procrastinate

BXKS - Bones 2 Pick

Wax - Style

Namani + El Londo - OMG

Oscar Worldpeace + Ayrtn - YA!

Danitsa - SAY SOME

Wax - Style

A clear standout of October comes to us courtesy of Wax with his latest release “Style”. This being the Londoner’s 5th release so far in 2021, it’s clear Wax has simply gone from strength to strength while developing his own effortlessly smooth signature sound. Wax is in his element over this guitar led, @nilowaves instrumental, calmly laying down each line with an infectious charisma.

While it may be easy to get carried away with the groove of “Style”, Wax’s wordplay is definitely not to be ignored as he weaves simple yet intricate rhymes. At the same time, he's consistently providing light-hearted punchlines that are sure to put a smile on your face, including a thought provoking contribution to the Bounty debate. Hate it or love it, who knows? But we do know, Wax never disappoints!


YT + CMilliano - TMilli

Finn Foxell - Alright Sunshine

Deyah - Exit the Dance

Bone Slim - Danse Macabre

Carrie Baxter - What Now


Finn Foxell - Alright Sunshine

With so many strong EPs having come out this month, it’s been difficult to put the spotlight on just one project, however, Finn Foxell’s latest release “Alright Sunshine” just can’t be ignored. The West London based artist will be a name many of you are familiar with by now, having long been regarded among the most exciting up & comers in the UK scene.

In the past couple years we’ve seen the “Good Tea” (2019) and “Talk Is Cheap” (2020) EPs come our way from Foxell and it’s clear now with “Alright Sunshine” he is 3/3 on his latest solo works.

With his latest EP, Finn Foxell adds 4 brand new tracks to join up with the series of singles he has released over the past few months (“EOTM”, “The Night” & “Slow Kisses”) and they all combine together to bring us our favourite piece of work from Foxell to date. Alright Sunshine brings us Finn Foxell’s trademark complex lyricism and wordplay over the top of a variety of different instrumentals that blur genre lines to create a sound that is unapologetically himself to a T.

With the release of 'Alright Sunshine' comes the announcement of a first UK + Ireland tour for the Londoner, something which can’t be missed having listened to this EP! We'll be seeing you there...





ROMderful’s 2nd album to date, “PLEASE RECONNECT CONTROLLER” is the Birmingham raised artist at his absolute best!

Following in similar footsteps of his 2019 debut album “Press L To Continue”, there’s never a dull moment on “PLEASE RECONNECT CONTROLLER” as ROMderful’s other worldly production abilities shine through, with heavy influence from the sounds of retro video games.

Enlisting the help of many artists from many genres to help bring his work to life, one contribution that stands out in particular comes to us from a long-time collaborator of ROMderful, none other than KayFaraway himself as the pair’s chemistry mesmerises (wahey! That’s the name of the song!) the listener. This album is filled to the brim with energetic and lively instrumentals as ROMderful just lets the music do the talking.

The album can best be summarised with the last line of the first track (“JUST LET GO”) as ROMderful says “We’re gonna be here for a while, so might as well make it fun right?”.


Jordy @ Werkhaus 22/10/2021

The Londoner’s headline show did not disappoint, putting on a performance packed with energy! Joined on stage with fellow members of Vibbar, performing tracks from his acclaimed Debut EP “SMH” that came out in August and a few classics sprinkled in there too. 2021 has well and truly been the year of Jordy and this show was just the cherry (B) on top.





Words by: Jack Gibbs

Edited by: Jack Slade / @jsld_____


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