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It’s a brand new year and a brand new wrap up! Yeah, 2022! And what better way to start off the new year than by talking about some of the things we loved so dearly from the last one? 2021 brought us some gems if truth be told with Dave, Ghetts, Little Simz all releasing amazing commercial albums. What more could you ask for? Well I think all too much, those December releases never got their credit where it’s due. So let's put an end to that and fly the flag for Sagittarius and Capricorn season, and let you know what we’ve been liking as we close the curtains on a great year for UK Underground music!


Bawo + BXKS - Leave Britney Alone

Nix Northwest - Occasional L

Big Buddies - Champs-Élysées

Jadu Jadu, TAMBALA + Jaydonclover - Honey Lemon Tea

Mushiyyah - Playground

Debbie - Summer in December

Bawo + BXKS - Leave Britney Alone

An unexpected collab between Bawo and BXKS closes out a memorable 2021 for the both of them. Earlier in the year, BXKS brought us her debut EP “Full time Daydreamer '' as well as a follow up with “Hack The Planet '', making a statement with her unparalleled work rate. We were also gifted with one of the standout EPs of the year from Bawo with “Live & Let Thrive”.

On “Leave Britney Alone”, the bouncy laidback instrumental allows these two lyrical powerhouses to do what they do best, as they effortlessly dish out quick wordplay and unpredictable flows that keeps the listener hooked in. Bawo and BXKS have been two very highly regarded artists in the UK scene over the course of the year, and “Leave Britney Alone” just goes to show why that is.


Motto Estate - TED TAPES

[ K S R ] - Peace + Harmony

Clavish - 2022

FLOHIO - Final Rage

FLOHIO - Final Rage

At the start of December, just over a year on from the release of her debut mixtape “No Panic No Pain”, South Londoner FLOHIO blessed us with a brand new EP “Final Rage”. Throughout 2021, FLOHIO has stayed consistent providing us with a couple of Colors performances and singles, including the track “Whiplash” which can be found on her latest EP.

There’s an almost anthemic feel to this project, with the relentlessly high energy opening 2 tracks “Gobezerk” and “Whiplash”. And FLOHIO doesn’t let up on the last two tracks either with “Rollercoaster” and “Marbles” providing some of the most interesting instrumentals that I’ve heard FLOHIO on (courtesy of Lotus Capo and Who Else). FLOHIO’s artistry speaks for itself, as “Final Rage” provides an enjoyable listening experience to all, and at a short run time of just under 11 minutes you’ll be left wanting more.


Jim Legxacy - CITADEL

Lavish - The Northside

Jim Legxacy - CITADEL

CITADEL is a prime example of why it’s important to show December releases the love they deserve. While the year is coming to an end, it’s clear that it’s not over until Jim Legaxacy sings, or raps, or does whatever he fancies because he can do it all.

We saw the return of Jim Legaxcy back in October with the release of the track “cold lewisham roses”, after a year long absence following the release of his 2020 project, “BTO!.

This was followed up with the release of “Andromeda” in November in the lead up to CITADEL. The sheer versatility from Jim Legaxcy on this project, is something to behold. Each track brings unexpected elements, just looking at “Andromeda” a track that starts drum heavy, with a hard hitting tone to it and at the halfway point the instrumental seamlessly transitions into this soothing guitar melody, by the end we even get a glimpse of Jim Legaxcy’s very impressive vocals.

On the following track, “ghost recon” Jim Legaxcy picks up where he left off, with a gentle guitar led instrumental as he shows off his expansive vocal range. And it’s this sort of thing that I find so remarkable about this project, in terms of UK projects to have come out this year, CITADEL is definitely up there as one of the most cohesive and well rounded I’ve heard.


YIIGA + FRIENDS - XMAS PARTY in support of Care4Calais - 13TH DECEMBER

Earlier in December, we went along to South East London to see Yiiga with a stacked line up full of acts with the likes of Jaydonclover, Osquello, KiLLOWEN, Lucy Tun and Eliza Legzdina (Not to mention sets from J.AR.J, elladhc + Laelo Black) all coming out to support, in aid of a great cause. It was an amazing night put together by Yiiga and her team, Jaydonclover set up the atmosphere in the room perfectly, with an intimate set that eased everyone into the evening. Osquello + KiLLOWEN both (separately) delivered dynamic performances bringing in some amazing energy. Lucy Tun and Eliza Legzdina also brought us outstanding sets. All before Yiiga brought it home with a stellar performance of her own.





Words by: Jack Gibbs

Edited by: Jack Slade / @jsld_____


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