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Never Misses: BAWO Back with a Banger

Updated: Aug 21, 2020

Underground heavyweight Bawo is back with a 3 and a half minute, straight banger featuring pro-active lyricist Danny Sanchez.

The track is produced by Kxmel who most of you will be familiar with from his contributions to Ashbeck's recent Starmix tape; he's definitely going to be one of the hardest emerging sounds from the scene over these next few months. The mellow strums and strings that hold the beat throughout are infused with messy trap drums from early. It keeps the track lively and forms a tropical sounding platform, perfect for Bawo to speak his mind.

Along with the artwork showing Bawo in his club's jersey, the bars are littered with football references including; Premier League referee Chris Foy, Brazilian legends Ronaldinho and Deco, and a mention of Portuguese icon Luis Fig. Bawo once again showcases his versatility to spit with yet another fresh skippy flow, steadily oozing away with tongue and cheek statements.

The track boasts a captivating hook, it's catchy and lighthearted in its presentation but touches on deeper subjects such as procrastination and loyalty in a very retrospective manner.

''I was in 2015 no hair on my chinny chin chin, I was in 2016 just there never finishing things''

Danny's guest verse injects that little bit of pace to break the song down and cut through the vibes. He brings a laid back flow intensely laced with concrete rhyming such as rendezvous/closing soon/notice you, straight out of the gate. The opening lines come as a message to a girl Danny encountered in a club environment, gently warning her not to miss out on him and what he's got planned. This theme then runs through the remainder of his verse, except his tone turns more retrospective and direct. He shares his garnered knowledge and angst toward the people that prey on his demise, as Danny warns:

''Man step correct from young, weed done done up my lungs (done up my lungs), Man are still here for the funds, them man pick up my crumbs (pick up my crumbs), Marge grind through the slums, I could never be a bum (nah I'll never be a bum)''

The accompanying video is a simplistic visual treat. Bawo has once again collaborated with director/editor Tansy Taylor who has complimented 'Brasileiro' with a series of semi-long take shots, keeping the focus on the music. Once again exploring contrast, I especially love the opening shot location that is used all-round and found the lack of slow-motion worked really well as a subtle way to keep this smooth, clean-cut video moving along nicely.

The whole riddim is rich with fresh sounds and intricate bars to get your teeth into. Like what you hear? Definitely worth checking out Bawo's recent E.P 'Mood' that we featured on the site and all of Danny Sanchez's most recent drops here.

We'll be keeping you updated with Bawo, Danny and Kxmel's movements here on the site and over on our Instagram page too! The underground scene is growing from strength to strength right now so great to see these features coming off so seamlessly too. Check out all the lyrics to the song over at Genius too.

STREAM 'Brasileiro' here.