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MALLY returns with his second single this year: 'KREAM'

House of Pharaohs member Mally is back with his second single in the last 2 months.

Mally's music can sound almost dream-like, he's never been bound to any particular sound or style. His E.P that dropped earlier this year 'Storm' caught our attention with its trappy beats and meaningful vocals throughout; each song really holds a unique sound and has huge replay value. After personally reaching out, we have been blown away by everything he's released since and 'Kream' is no exception.

'Kream' sees Mally come back through with full intent, laying down his distinctive trademark flow onto guitar infused percussion. He opens the track with his chiselled vocals chanting the initial hook, each of his bars then seemingly picks up momentum until he dives headfirst into powerful statements that are only emphasized with his delivery.

''Told my brother be better than me''

Mally's consistency and vocal content here is what sets him apart from other artists. He navigates the track slipping between the hazy hook and more lively verses. The track takes a subtle breakdown into an adlib fueled outro brimming with piercing bars and slightly darker production to bring it to a close.

Not only is he one of the best artists representing the scene but he is a genuinely great and positive guy too. He's very motivated for what he puts out there; whether that be directing music videos or creating cover art for his next release, he does it all himself, and you have to respect him for that fact alone.

As Mally establishes himself in the game, you can hear his confidence growing with each release. We'll be bringing you all of his updates via our Instagram and webpage.


Be sure to follow MALLY on Instagram and Spotify too!


Words by: Jack Slade & Sam Pyke

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