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Feux Blesses Us With New Visuals for 'Wide Awake'

Shortly after we met up for the first time a few months back, filming at an abandoned wasteland in Peckham for his up and coming Plot episode; Feux dropped his debut album 'Pure Nine'.

We are soon going to be taking a deeper look into the tape, breaking it down for you guys as we unravel everything Feux has managed to curate and present blissfully with 'Pure Nine'.

Feux's music is truly in its own lane and the 4th track 'Wide Awake' embodies that superbly. Captivating you with it's soft-spoken and gentle delivery, 'Wide Awake' keeps your head bopping with classic, relaxing boom-bap style drums and introspective lyricism whilst transpiring you into a 'euphoric trance'. Wide Awake is definitely a fan favourite, hitting nearly 7,000 streams on Spotify alone. This made all the sense to be the first track that's gifted complimenting visuals.

The video, produced by skate-filmer Kumara Vision runs inline with the atmosphere and general vibe of not only the track but the whole project. Clearly drawing inspiration from his skating connections, the entire thing is filmed in VHS with a gorgeous, grainy nostalgic feel throughout as you find Feux and co perched up in multiple aesthetically pleasing locations across South London.

Ultimately, like a lot of Feux's other music, 'Wide Awake' is a feel-good track balanced out with it's deeper message. We're hoping to collaborate with Feux on some more content in the near future so be sure to keep an eye out. Until then besure to check out the visuals below and show Feux some love on the socials!

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Words by: Jack Slade @jsld_____ / @sladeisdead

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