On The Rise: Kam-BU is DIFFERENT

Updated: May 22, 2020

Kam-Bu and Pullen have linked up yet again with Lord Apex to bring us another punchline infused riddim courtesy of NTS Radio titled 'Different'.

This is Kam-Bu's first appearance since dropping his 'Moments S01' compilation (also produced exclusively by Pullen) back on February 3rd. The 3 track E.P comes to just over 5 minutes but has some of the freshest and most unique sounds we've heard for a long time. Pullen's beats seem to seize a moment, each track feeling like its own mini-episode. Kam's lyrics are frank and unforgiving in his quest to stay focused and not give in to distractions. Pure confidence, and hearing that confidence in such a solid package is properly refreshing. LISTEN TO 'MOMENTS' HERE.

We can't wait to hear what Kam-Bu and Pullen have cooking up next. Hopefully, we get to hear some more features with Lord Apex drop soon too!

Make sure you stream 'Different' and be sure to follow Kam-Bu on Spotify and Instagram!

Watch 'Different' below.

Video co-produced by Figaro Inc and Papaya Films in collaboration with Play Nice.


Words by: Jack Slade

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