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Cap1talA links up with El Londo for 'FLY'

Hailing from Kent, Cap1talA has been steady away making a name for himself in the Underground scene for little over a year now. At only 18 years old, we know Cap is nowhere near his full potential; and that fact alone is scary enough. With bags of talent on offer, he's not shying away from stepping up to the plate whether that be in the form of his lyrical and/or production abilities. Cap1talA brings an edgy vibe that simply cannot be replicated elsewhere.

After releasing the collaborative project 'Preach Too Hard' alongside Capital J and Jesse Ayo in the latter half of 2019, Cap1talA began honing his style and working on his lo-fi sound. The tape exposed the trio's capabilities to come out swinging, launching into each track with a different purpose.

Cap1talA then went on to drop 3 singles towards the end of the year 'Cloud Nine', 'Supreme Samurai' and 'Spike' (Spike alone garnered over 75,000 streams on Spotify). After staying quiet music-wise for the early part of 2020, out of nowhere we were blessed by 'Paper Jordans', a certified banger in its own right that showcased a much more dynamic Cap1talA.

As soon as we saw he had linked up with one of our favourite producers, El Londo, we were instantly excited for what they had cooked up. El Londo has recently worked with the likes of Kish! and Bawo on some serious quality music. Last year he produced and dropped 'Ashlondo' alongside Ashbeck; that album really felt like it raised the bar for underground rap.

'Fly' dropped Thursday at midday and it sees Cap1talA effortlessly experiment with yet another fresh flow. He follows the trend of his previous releases; growing only in quality. Hovering over the beat, he drops his provoking, calculated rhymes with purpose. His lighthearted flow and rhyming couplets keep the vibe bouncy and compliment El Londo's sound flawlessly. What's even better is the wordplay he's displayed up until this point hasn't been left aside.

''got them sleeping ignorance bliss, Londo cap they couldn’t miss”

We caught up with Cap1talA to see what he had planned after releasing 'Fly'

''I may have an album in the works to be released this summer but it’s uncertain due to the coronavirus delaying all my production for it to be honest. Which sucks really, because most of the tunes on there are summer vibes''

''You can expect lofi beats and singles here and there from me and other collaborations I have upcoming with other artists''

This song (Fly) is more of like a throwaway song, I just decided to release it 'cah all my boys said the beat and lyrics go hard lol, so I was just like, “might aswell release that then”.

We've featured every song mentioned in this article in our UK Underground Rap playlist on Spotify that you can check out here. As Cap1talA continues to evolve and produce great music, we'll be covering as much of his updates as we can. Be sure to follow him on Instagram and Spotify too!



Words by: Jack Slade

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