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DENZINO, the 21-year-old musician hailing from West London currently flying through exciting stages of his creative career has been one of my favourite artists for some time now. He began creating music back when he was playing the guitar at the age of 13, then turning his hand to producing alternative beats and sounds which eventually lead to the release of his first Rap single in 2017. Shortly after, he found his passion for engineering as he wanted to "apply the mixing techniques of mix engineers like MixedByAli" into his own sound for the future.

These days DENZINO is an established artist within the scene and can be located at two studios in West and South London also offering audio engineering services. He is influenced by artists consisting of a number of genres and including MF DOOM, Childish Gambino, Pharrell Williams, Three Days Grace and Bryson Tiller, his musical output swings from soft sounds like “Infatuation Demo” to aggressive flows like on 'Combos''. He also tends to experiment with his voice in a variety of interesting and different ways; and that is evident within this project. His ability to be so versatile is what makes him such a great artist and he is looking at a very promising future.

Project: Chairman took about 2 years to create, during this time he was participating in his first 2 years of university, formulating it between uni lectures and running studio sessions; you can imagine the amount of work he had to juggle to get this project finished. It turns out he actually had a version that was entirely different from what we have today. The only tracks that made it from that version of the project were 'More Power!', 'Monéts Interlude' & the last track on the project 'Terrible Weekend//Beautiful Weekday'.

UK Underground Rap caught up with DENZINO to have him break down every song from 'Project: Chairman' and provide you with an exclusive look at the thought processes that went into it. Hear DENZINO's take below...


Denzino - Project: Chairman:

Red Pirates [feat. Sifa] [self produced]:

"The last song that made the tape, somehow also my favourite. I was in the studio with Sifa when I made the beat and she came up with the hook. I free-styled on it just for reference and I was sitting on that version of the song for a while. Eventually I wrote the whole song on a 'tfl' journey one day and when I mixed the whole song together, I knew it had to make the tape. Every verse is longer than the last which goes hand in hand with the beat feeling like its evolving. The pitched down effect is like the icing on the cake and the transition into the next song is super subtle."

Get Money [Prod. by Finch Fetti]:

"This beat feels incredibly dreamy, so when producer Finch Fetti sent me this beat, I simply applied my own money dreams onto the beat. I like the overall vibe of the song, it's really chill and relatable."

Jugg In London (feat. Ayrtn):

"When Ayrtn and I find a time and place to cook up, it's always something to look forward to because I know we’re gonna inspire each other in some way. In the process of that we make amazing music, like this song. In terms of who produced, mixed and mastered this song, it is exactly 50/50. There are like 700 versions of this song, we recorded again from scratch a couple of times and revised the mix plenty - sending different mixes back and forth. This song was going to be released as a single but at the very last minute I cancelled because it didn’t feel right and we revised the song and the best product made the tape."

Nighttime [Prod. by DXVL]:

"If there’s someone who I can rely on beats when I choose not to use my own, its definitely DXVL. This beat gave me strong nocturnal vibes hence the name so I just developed on that concept with the chorus. In general, I’m a fan of the late nigh