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The Underground WRAP UP - (JAN/FEB 2021)

Updated: Nov 14, 2021

2020 was a year to forget in many aspects, that's why here at UKUR we've decided moving forward this year that every couple of months we want to celebrate some positive artists and highlight our favourite music releases as we navigate this exciting coming era...




With a solid display of several singles released back last year, Zino Vinci (the latest MC hailing from Newham) kicked the door open to his 2021 with the alternatively, hip-hop inspired E.p 'BABY BLUE'.

Opening with an audio voice recording, Zino launches himself into the first track 'Baby Blue', with a funk-infused boom-bap beat instrumental. You can really hear the hip-hop influences in his delivery yet his British terminology and accent brings a refreshing twist to the style.

The whole E.P is very strong lyrically and Zino is not be taken lightly when it comes to his raw barring. Finally beginning to garner the attention he deserves, this year is going to be huge for the MC, check out the full E.P now!




Le3_Black is renowned for his melodic niche and spacey production, everything he touches seems to sound like gold.

His latest track 'COLD WINTER' is no exception. Produced by GoodbyeChase and featuring DXVL, this track brings a really unique spin to an already progressive sound.

An experimental, drill inspired beat is laid out for Le3 Black to showcase his trademark boundary-pushing deliveries. What sets him apart is his willingness to never sacrifice any poignant lyricism amongst his longer, melodic notes, 'Cold Winter' is a true testament to his more technical side.

Big shout out on this hook too, Le3 Black absolutely murders it. It's a big enough reason alone to check the track out. To complement this DXVL swings in with a brutal verse to round things off perfectly. Already a real highlight of ours already from this year and clearly a fan favourite as Cold Winter has surpassed 100k streams!.





A real mellow one from the unbelievable vocalist and R&B talent Jaydon Clover. 'Callme' really puts you in a reflective mindset when