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JET Releases New Track 'Pouritup!'

Updated: Jul 29, 2020

West/North West London artist Jet has released his latest smooth single 'Pouritup'. The track comes as the MC's first release since his debut single 'Me' introduced us to Jet back in December of last year.

Although Jet focuses on a fresh and original sound you can hear a true blend of new and old school in his releases. The tracks are fun, turn up songs with strong hooks to carry them through, we caught up with Jet to find out a little more about his identity and what direction he plans to take moving forward.


UKUR: Who is 'Jet' and where are you from?

JET: I am a musician from West/North West London.

UKUR: What are your genre influences?

JET: I take influence from the rap/hip-hop genre, as well as sub-genres such as RnB and soul. In terms of music, growing up I listened to a lot of soul, reggae, funk, rock and ska. My influences range over a variety of different cultures.

UKUR: Who are your influences in music?

JET: Some artists that left a major impact on me from these genres are The Clash, Madness, Michael Jackson and The Specials. As I started to grow up I became more invested in the Rap/HipHop genre. I take mainly influence from melodic contemporary hip hop artists as I can relate to them the most. Having said this, I will never limit myself to this lane.

UKUR: What is ThePlus 44 Audio?

JET: ThePlus 44 cover mainly UK underground artists, but we have a couple of projects in the works with international artists also.

(Check out theplus44 Youtube here.)

UKUR: What's the main idea behind it?

JET: We make sure people who deserve recognition can achieve it. The platform itself helps to give exposure to artists, whilst having the perfect amount of quality control.

UKUR: How would you describe your personal sound?

JET: I would describe my sounds as melodic. I deliver lyrics in a smooth, confident manner. I think my sound is refreshing and contemporary but still bears influence from traditional-sounding music, like the genres previously talked about. All of these factors make my music easy to listen to and very fun to create.

UKUR: What can we expect from you next?

JET: I don't want to disclose too much but I currently have completed projects, including a joint mixtape with fellow underground artist Alexander (@alexandervstherest). This is the first time announcing this project. People can look forward to hearing this when the time is right.

Jet brings that cultural flare along with him, no ma