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Updated: Oct 22, 2020

East London barring warlord J BIZZ has been renowned for his aggressive flows and gut-wrenching lyricism for over 3 years now. A veteran in the game, still yet to be awarded full recognition for his skill, JBizz returned with a fine-tuned pen game in the form of mixtape 'BACK TO BIZNESS' back in 2019. It's fair to see he's back and here to stay...

J Bizz has certainly found his niche with his consistency to deliver fast-paced bars over eerie and equally as pacey production. Amidst the chaos of lockdown, J Bizz followed up with 3 equally as hectic singles and on July 10th an even more so turbulent solo E.P titled 'SCARY SIGHT'.

The straight-talking, intentionally complex MC has appeared on the likes of Mixtape Madness, Link Up TV and P110 with a handful of solid freestyles. After those developments J Bizz knew it was the right time to drop his first mixtape titled 'Back To Bizzness' in 2019, this project really shows his ability on the mic had not released many tracks before, he had found his comfort on the mic swiftly. Following on from the project, J Bizz has gone on to release a handful of singles and his latest EP titled 'Scary Sight' a freestyle fused project that is filled with some of his top tracks.

Emphasising his lone wolf mentality, J Bizz has steadily improved overtime with his releases. Maturing his flows and paying that deeper attention to his arsenal of tricky punchlines and lyrics, he keeps producing relentless tunes infused with Grime, Rap and even Drill elements. There's no room for any bullshit in a J Bizz track, which maybe explains the lack of features across his discography. As Bizz puts it himself;

''It's strictly D.I.Y''

shout out to SBPMusic as-well for introducing us to J Bizz, we can't wait to hear his energy live at performances when the country gets back to normal!

This is one thing that gives J Bizz's music that replay value, especially with this year's 4 track E.P 'SCARY SIGHT'. The intro titled, 'Scary Sight Freestyle' is one straight through militant verse just shy of 3 minutes. Bar after bar of hostile double entendres and combative lyrics exuding confidence. Hopefully, we should also be seeing some visuals for this track soon. Scary Sight feels like J Bizz just checking back in with the scene to remind everyone of his talents.

Arguably the track to showcase Bizz's true musical identity the most, visuals for 'Ballerina Flow' dropped at the end of last year, months after it's earlier release on the lengthier 'Back to Bizzness' album

Although a very humble person waiting for his time, J Bizz has a work rate that is unmatched. After reaching out we briefly spoke with Bizz to get a better insight inside to the relatively stealthy MC. and the things that inspired his sound.

Check out what he had to say about his music and more below...


UKUR: Could you tell us a bit about yourself, let the people know who J Bizz is?

J BIZZ: ''Yeah so I am J Bizz, 25 years old I was born and raised in east London. I am someone who just loves music and it gives me confidence and determination to go harder every day and keep improving and also just being me and just being humble I guess. I think there is more to me and sometimes I don’t I can explain by talking I think sometimes I explain myself much better when I am making music."

UKUR: What made you start doing music?  

J BIZZ: ''I think it was something in my family. My brothers did music one of them used to spit/mc...he doesn’t do music anymore but that was an influence on me to do music and also my other brother is a singer so that’s what made me I can do music.''

UKUR: How would you describe your sound?

JBIZZ: ''I would describe it as authentic, unique and different. I don’t believe I sound like anyone but myself.''

UKUR: Is that how would you like to come across as an artist?

J BIZZ: ''To be honest, there are so many words I could use but as long I stay real and true to myself then I am sweet."

UKUR: For real! What artists have influenced your sound?

J BIZZ: ''That’s a tricky qu