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Updated: Feb 22, 2022

''Surrounded by trees and fox shit, every week Arenma & Glory will be interviewing the best of the UK underground scene''

With 5 full-length episodes, 'The Plot' season 1 has brought some much-needed attention to some of the most talented underground artists from the London areas. With a refreshing concept of a living room conversation in the woods, Plot producers/Uni students Ollie and Ella have become landlords for the talented hosts Arenma and Glory, as they welcome all our favourite artists into The Plot one by one.

2020 has not leant itself to grabbing ahold of new opportunities and left the majority of us to really make the most of the little freedom we now have. We ourselves were no exception to this, once the initial lockdown was announced we began gutting away building the foundations of what we bring you today in the form of 'UKUR'. Shortly after we had set up our website, we received a DM from Mr Oliver Freeston. He told us about 'The Plot' and how it was in its early stages yet we still loved the idea and were keen to get on board offering our filming services.

Hosts Arenma and Glory shot by @franjennise

As soon as we had managed to settle some dates, we headed down for 3 days to shoot the 5 episodes. It took several months for the guys to collect and scavenge the timber for the set but 'through the power of D.I.Y and bare luck' they managed to create something unique, quirky and true to the underground scene. With friends Sam and Fran there to assist with Photography and sound, we had a whole crew.

Each episode had it's up and downs logistically but yet the Plot is described as being just as 'raw and authentic' as the artists featured in the series. Along with capturing the interview footage, we have also produced a 5 minute BTS footage reel which you can catch at the bottom of this page; first, check out our interview with THE PLOT below.


UKUR: Who is the Plot made up of?

PLOT: ''Ollie and Ella (Creators, producers, assistant camera operators, editors etc)''

UKUR: What is the main concept/idea behind the Plot?

PLOT: ''The Plot has always been and will always be a platform in which we give underground artists a voice - where their listeners have a place to learn more about there favourite artists and the music they make.''

UKUR: What made you set it up/start it?

PLOT: ''We've been a big fan of the underground alternative scene since early and there was never anywhere to watch or hear from the artists we listen to. No platform in which I could find similar artists; I always had to hunt them out. I mean there’s some fun to that but by creating ‘The Plot’ we want to make it easier for people to discover and find sick underground artists. Plus, we just love a good project''

UKUR: How was season 1 filming/ the experience for you guys? Any stories etc

PLOT (Ollie): ''It felt like a movie - we had turned this forgotten wasteland into a show set for a week. Months of building, moving and planning crammed into a few days. And they were sick. It was just bare exciting and everyone felt like family.

UKUR: For real! Big love to all you, it was a wicked vibe!

PLOT (Ella): ''It was mad! Like I’d only ever seen it with one other person and then all of a sudden there’s bare people and cameras and it was a set, was crazy and we all just had bare fun doing it''

UKUR: What're the plans for season 2, what can you tell the people?

PLOT: ''Fuck knows. Bigger and better! Hopefully on legal land this time. We’ve got a couple of names that we wanna get for season 2 and just promote the scene more''

UKUR: What's next for the bigger picture of the Plot what do you hope to achieve with it?

PLOT: ''Build a consistent audience and continue to open peoples eyes to the crazy amount of talent there is in the UK, that the mainstream doesn’t shed light on. And see where the scene goes and what routes it takes - cos we’re just listeners who are fans of the scene and wanted to know more about our favourite artists too!''


Episodes and Artists: