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"Healing Notion" EP by Tobi Adey

Up and coming rapper/singer Tobi Adey has recently popped up on our radar and with plenty of talent to offer, we will definitely be seeing him around more often.

Tobi released a 4 track EP called 'Healing Notion' at the start of this year which caught our attention as soon as we had found it. His style of sound is unique, combining different genres together isn't easy and Tobi executed it perfectly.

Speaking to UK Underground Rap, describing his style he said;

"I can say my sound is fluid. Fluid fusion of freestyles, written poetry, raps, melodies and sounds. I take a lot from music that’s able to fuse different genres of sounds, whether it’s in the beat or in my tones. I just make music that I’d like to listen to pretty much, and focus on the feeling that the sound gives me. I like to make people feel like they’re floating most of the time, but It changes from song to song. I want to magnify certain emotions in music and make it translate into actual feeling that create a genuine connection between me and people that listen to my music."

Growing up in Lagos/Kanu Nigeria and eventually moving to London with his mother and father already being involved in music it was inevitable for Tobi to find his sound and elevate his platform in the music industry.

"My pops is a gospel vocalist, he’s wavy, no lie, he still puts out music today. Mums also a vocalist. Always used to follow my pops to his music videos and try get in them and stuff, always thought the concept of making my own music and music videos would be hard. Used to rewrite lil Wayne raps and memorise them when I was younger, then I started writing my own and spitting to my boys. Forgot about music for a couple years from 14-17, then I randomly started writing again, haven’t looked back since." 

'Healing Notion' released back in January has sent waves throughout the scene for its cloudy dreamlike sounds and melodies that vary throughout the EP.

He opens the EP with 'Intro' with a scenario of a woman in struggle crying out to the people around her which opens 'Clarity Lies' perfectly, Tobi starts it out with deep bass and a sharp tone that follows with strong verses which are relatable throughout the track as he explains his problems.

"You finally listened, you finally made interventions, finally getting the mention, finally growing a serious tension."

The track really holds a feeling that can inspire people to live outside of their problems and for that it's one of the most powerful on the EP.

'Sativa' follows on as the tone of the tape switches with Tobi's lyricism really coming into play, there is a feel-good vibe throughout the track with an appropriate hook fitting too. This track has the only feature on the tape being 'T'; they have great chemistry together having previously worked together on a project titled 'Alter Ego Trip'. You can't tie Tobi and T down to one genre and this is another example of that.

The final track on the tape and also the most important 'Got Got' signifies a problem around the world that has affected many people. Tobi shares the perspective of getting stopped by the police and how it can have a negative impact on a person.