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Updated: Sep 7, 2020

We kick off our brand new article series, 'THE RUNDOWN' speaking exclusively with East London rapper FOURAY. The Rundown aims to introduce and understand artists from the underground scene putting the spotlight onto their origins, mindsets and music.

FOURAY who is currently based in North London is an aspiring artist emerging from the underground scene. Starting his career back in 2018, Fouray has stunned the scene ever since and become an integral part of it's community with many releases and a recent EP drop. Fouray shows his personal and emotional side on a lot of his music but in order to understand him fully, we have to go all the way back back to the beginning.

Speaking to exclusively UKUR, Fouray explained how he got into music and how it has changed him ever since.

"Well, i’ve always had a really special relationship with music and i always felt like i’d make music but i never really knew where to start!

''That’s until a really good friend of mine (now, we barely knew each other back then) and I was in a French lesson. He pulled up to my table and told me that he could see that I wasn't too interested in being... a regular person if that makes sense. He could tell I didn’t really want to go have a boring office job, he could tell that i wanted to do something. He spoke to me and said everything I’d always wanted to hear. I still remember how crazy it felt to find someone else who actually wanted to change the world the same way I did. Big shoutout to Ahboi!"

Ever since that French lesson, Fouray has worked to turn those intentions into reality. I want to take you back to July 6th 2018 when he dropped his debut single 'Shine', rated for its upbeat melodies and unmatched charisma, this was the start of a new sound in that was not so widely used back then. Fouray managed to fuse the style of the track even further with his next drop 'ERA' a few months later. Perfectly matching the vibe for that time of the year, Fouray embraces his talents as he grasps an articulated style of rapping normally to then switch it up by placing an emphasis on his voice to the point where the whole dynamic of the track changes. This is personally the of input from Fouray I love to hear.

We asked how FOURAY how he would summarise his trademark sound:

"My sound is kinda hard to describe, I feel like it changes so often that it’s not really tied to a specific genre or anything. It’s more like a feeling, I use music to express my emotions - Night Bus' is a song that I can’t help but smile at when i listen to it and I hope that others feel the same. But a song like 'Strawberry Dreams' is actually much more “sad”, it’s about all the conflicting emotions, pains, and distractions in love but it still has a really boppy, happy sound. I feel like if i had to put it into words, it’s like trying to find a way to smile, even through pain."

Learning this from Fouray I personally think you can appreciate his style and sound even deeper, on a personal level you are able to relate what he is saying in his tracks within your day to day life, it goes to show in all of the music he has released. Let's take a closer look at his singles.

After the release of ERA, Fouray kicked off 2019 with 'Switch', one of my favourites from Fouray. You can hear in the track that he has found a sound and flow that he is comfortable with. Next up he dropped 'Strawberry Dreams' with his first feature Abiigenisis. The two really have great chemistry here, bouncing off of each-others vibe easily to keep the track solid. Even though the lyrics are downcast and dejected they manage to create a hopeful and bright sound with their flow and pitch choices. This was Fouray's 3rd and 4th drops of the year (on major streaming platforms) with them all sounding versatile, melodious and memorable.

2020 LOCO: EP

Fouray's long-awaited EP had landed for the people on February 14th earlier this year, coincidentally being Valentine's Day, with features from Zedd X, EL K, Obie and Maestro.

The first track on the EP 'LOCO' produced by Obie is waviest of the 3 tracks. He brings the best out of Fouray with this beat with an ambient feel as Fouray vents throughout the track explaining his surroundings and what's happening in his life:

"man i gotta go and get it, aint' living if its low low, she wanna fuck with the cartel, she don't know thats it loco."

The second track has two features accompanying the MC, Zedd X and EL K. Fouray yet again jumps into a new vibe showing how flexible his sound can be and the two features boost the aura of the track to a whole new level with their eruptive flows and the hook is a perfect example of that.

"Fly away in my space cruise i can leave today boo, start the engine fly away and i aint' gotta tell you, i told you."