FAYD drops new single - Buzzin'

Updated: Jul 15

Following his previous single 'Glow', Fayd is back with his latest single 'Buzzin'. This track features luscious soul samples with heavy drill drums and thumping 808s which is bound to get any dancefloor moving. Fayd glides with his distinct and signature flow, always front and centre of the mix.

We first heard Fayd in 2019 with his single 'Joker' and when you fast forward to now you immediately hear the progression in the dance / drill sound that he along with the rest of the Icy Crew are achieving so well. We hear more of this style on his 2021 project, 'Fayded' which also features that early 2000s dance sounds mixed with modern drill flows, with my personal favourite track being “West FM”.

The aggressive vocals contrasting with the smooth Barbara Mason – 'I’m In Love With You' sample makes for a fresh listen that isn’t comparable to your regular drill track. Fayd bounds across the self-produced track a step faster than most drill songs at 155bpm, this gives it more of a dance / grime rave feel which takes a unique avenue with the genre.

'Buzzin' feels like Fayd is really getting into a stride with his approach to his music. The bars are thrown at you so quickly yet with such clarity. His flair and talent is beginning to refine and with more releases and performances on the way the only direction is up for Fayd.

Fayd recently performed at the UK Underground Rap 'Underground Project 3' and it's safe to say every track went crazy, so that being said we can't wait to continue following and supporting Fayd and Icy Crew through their upcoming releases! - UKURa





Words by: Anuk Tilakumara / @anuktilakumara

Edited by: Jack Slade / @jsld_____


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