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ELijah Aike premiers new track 'Wasting Time'

A few weeks back Elijah Aike dropped the latest track from his upcoming project 'Last Dark Memory' which we can expect to be released sometime this year. His first release of 2021 falling in line with his previous trail of unbelievable singles. We have been following Elijah's work for over a year now and it's been amazing to see his progression as a person and an artist.

Elijah has been careful plotting this project for a while now releasing each track single by single. The rich production and technical flows tied to each episode leaves you with plenty to get into with a considerable few months between each drop. Growing more and more confident in his diverse sound, Elijah is really beginning to curate a creditable synergy between his music and his brand.

His latest release 'Waisting Time' sets you on a journey through the high-speed moments of an intoxicated, eventful driven night out where all hours merge into one and fly by before the unavoidable occurs and you are brought back to reality. This is captured through Elijah's use of alternating his voice into an almost slurring effect, his words eventually slowing down into silence as the track comes to a calming finish.

Elijah also accompanied the track with a wavy visualiser. Be sure to check it out on his YouTube channel below:

As the release of his upcoming project closes in upon us we wonder what direction he will take next, until then be sure to check out 'WASTING TIME' and all the pre exisitng tracks such as 'LINK UP' and 'FOLDIN'. The track is available on all streaming platforms and can also be found in our Spotify playlist!


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Words by Sam Pyke / @_sam_pyke_

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