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Updated: Jan 11, 2021

South London based music producer/songwriter AITCHEIGHT has been known for his diverse sound on production for almost 3 years now. Working with many big names in the scene such as Ayrtn and G93 in 'Skyfall' as well as branching out internationally to artists such as 'Marco Luka' and 'Mayzin'. AitchEight has been establishing himself track by track. He was fairly quiet last year having only dropped 3 singles in the summer but being able to move to London from Exeter in early 2020, he is now in a perfect position to pursue his dream.

He is well known for his melodic UK trap/rap instrumentals with an alternative twist and has certainly found the types of styles he wants to put forward to the scene in the future. Back last year, in the epicentre of lockdown, Aitcheight blessed the people with two tracks in May linking up with East London's Marko Kun and South West's Misha Lotto.

'Maybe' featuring Marko Kun which dropped at the start of May, is a sanguine track that has that feel-good vibe to it where you can't help but have a smile on your face, even back then during the weird and confusing times. It was definitely one of the tracks of the summer so be sure to check that out!

Towards the end of May AitchEight dropped 'Right Now' featuring Misha Lotto, delivering yet again and showcasing what he is capable of. AitchEight has definitely found his craft to consistently deliver solid tracks for the people!

At the height of warmer months, AitchEight linked up with Tee for 'Roadside'. Another track of the summer contender having accumulated over 100,000 streams already on Spotify alone. This track really showcases his ability to be diverse and adapt to the collaborator's style, be sure to check out the visuals for the track below:

Music Video Directed by @harrysteelefilm:

Roadside comes with high quality and clean visuals as Tee and Aitch Eight wonder their way around rugged conditions in contrasting clothing. Flitting between shots on AitchEight's soul samples and progressive acoustic touches, Tee is a melodic match for the producer's style.

After reaching out to him we had the chance to catch up with Aitcheight to get a better insight of who he is, his influences and find out what's next for him in 2021. Check out what he had to say below:


UKUR: What made you start music/production?

AITCHEIGHT: "When I was 11 and leaving primary school, my teacher Mr D asked all the children what they wanted to be when they grow up. I said I wanted to be a music producer because I had watched a Dr Dre interview that he did in 1997 about his craft and it inspired me even though I had no clue what music production really involved! I remember I used to tell people when I first joined a secondary school that I was a music producer and I lived in LA when I was younger.... don't ask why, I must have thought that was a sick thing to say.''

UKUR: Could you tell the people a bit about yourself? AITCHEIGHT: "I'm 21, I was born in Devon at the top of Dartmoor where I grew up in a small village right between the city of Exeter and the coastline. I'm a big fan of fashion and have modelled for brands such as NorthFace, Collective Bikes, Pullin and many more. I love skateboarding, hanging out with my fam and friends and music obviously. I moved to South London to pursue my music career in early 2020, as I had been travelling back and forth and felt that I would be more productive living here full time. Moving here has given me the opportunity to meet and work with many of my idols and people I would never have imagined being in the same room with. My motivation level is sky high right now! I'm at my parent's house writing out these questions and I'm already itching to get back and pattern my sessions for next week. I am full time within music! I do sessions with artists 6 days a week and also engineer tracks for many artists as well. Music is my focus and always will be! You've got to find your way of making your bread