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2 months on... 'All Things Considered' - Hunter Bavaro.

Updated: May 11, 2022

'All Things Considered', the poignant 5 track debut EP from up and coming Brum penman Hunter Bravaro has been in our rotation for a full two months now. If you're not familiar with Hunter (HB), get to know or get left behind, this project has solidified him as one of the secret weapons in the resurging Birmingham music culture.

A proud man of his Jamaican and Irish roots, 22 year old Hunter was born and raised in Birmingham and still operates there today. Hunter began his journey falling in love with words through the means of poetry at a very young age. This soon sprouted into a more fruitful interest for the hip-hop and rap lanes being carved into the mainstream around the time.

Inspired by true wordsmiths such as Kendrick, Jay-Z and Kano, Hunter tells us the very first album he ever owned (and rapped over) was 'The Black Album' from Hov at 11 years old. This is where he found his footing and began his career, by age 16 Hunter was posting his first tracks to SoundCloud. HB has been consistently dropping talented music for the last 6 years with a huge variety of singles and EPs.

Back in 2021 both 'GREAT YARMOUTH' and 'THUMBELINA' dropped, these tracks would forecast Hunter's intentions to release his debut tracks.

That brings to this year, where early January we were blessed to hear that an official project release was on the way.

With a series of comedic videos on Insta to announce the release, it was revealed Hunter stars as 'Billie Black' in the debut EP titled 'All Things Considered'.

We asked HB what the title meant to him personally as we discussed how it could resonate differently person to person...

''If I had to give a definitive answer for it right now, it's that sometimes we need to lift the massive amounts of pressure that we lug around as young people to be absolutely perfect and just appreciate us, the culture, to breathe air, to be productive, to be loved. Just smell the flowers once in a while bro but don't mistake it for being complacent'' - Hunter Bavaro

Hunter brings a really exciting feel to his cutting edge delivery throughout his discography. This EP proved to be all the things we loved about his earlier releases but fine tuned and re-mapped! It's a real testament to his talents not only as a lyricist but as a visionary and producer as well. Hunter tells us he ensured he was majorly involved in every single aspect, from the production and branding of the project to sourcing beats from other contributing producers, working long hours tuning his ideas and making all the minor yet impactful adjustments ''In order to achieve the vision'' Hunter had for this EP. The project was co-produced alongside HB's close friend and talented producer/engineer, Off Key. It's evident after one listen this paid off, 'All Things Considered' is the man entering his full stride.

A crazy solo effort vocally with nineteen97 as the lone feature on the project on track 2 'Click N Collect'. As ever Devsallday delivers a piercing and unique verse packed with quotables worthy of any Instagram caption.

The E.P combines all the key elements in the most intricate yet effortless of ways. Ups and downs, the rough with the smooth and a constant attention to detail that keeps you engaged throughout, eagerly anticipating the next switch up whether that be something in Hunter's vocals or the production side of things. As much as we anticipated the solid verses, Hunter's calculated yet organic approach to this project in all aspects is really something to be admired, especially pushing everything independently.

UK Underground Rap caught up with Hunter to have him break down every song from 'All Things Considered' and provide you with an exclusive look at the thought processes that went into it. Hear his's take below...


Hunter’s Talk Thru (and interview) - 'All Things Considered':

''All things considered, like what does it mean to you? Because i don't know, you could be going through a situation that makes you look at it different to the next person, it's whatever's relevant to you. And that's what it is for me, a whole bunch of different things, one day I could feel completely sad or anxious or whatever the fuck but I could say, yo all things considered it could be worse, or I could be happy and gassed about something and it;s like, all things